Massage – Dundee

Therapist applying pressure to gluteal muscleHELPS RELIEVE BACK PAIN, TIGHT MUSCLES AND STRESS

Eases aches and pains and helps the body repair itself.


  • improve texture of the skin by removing dead cells
  • stimulate the circulation
  • encourage lymphatic drainage
  • improve range of movement
  • soften and break down hard fat beneath the skin
  • help to maintain superficial muscle tone
  • relieve stiffness caused by muscular tension
  • reduce the effects of stress by having a calming effect on the nervous system

Swedish massage – so called because it was developed by a Swedish physiologist – is generally relaxing although techniques can be used to provide a more revitalising treatment.  Helps relieve tired aching muscles, leaving you feeling balanced and restored.  Hands free massage uses deeper pressure, which can relieve all that muscular tension after a long hard day on the golf course, while at the same time can still be relaxing.